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Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site and learn more about the improvements being made in the Fields-Ertel Road and Mason-Montgomery Road area.  We’d love to hear your thoughts about the changes you’ve seen so far, what you’d like to see in the future and answer any questions you might have.

Please submit thoughts &/or questions to us at [email protected].

Or if you would like to call us directly, please call our telephone hotline at: 513-804-8033.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use the new Loop Ramp exit from I-71?

A: You can access the new exit ramp by taking Exit 19 from I-71 Northbound. This exit now provides two options for drivers traveling through the Fields-Ertel & Mason-Montgomery Road area:

  1. After taking Exit 19, stay on the left side as you exit to take the new loop ramp exit. You will be able to bypass the traffic signal at the end of the “old ramp” as well as the traffic signal at Fields-Ertel and Mason-Montgomery, and continue heading north on Mason-Montgomery Road.
  2. Use the “old” ramp and continue as you traditionally have to the traffic signal at the bottom of the ramp.

This helps traffic continuing north on Mason-Montgomery by allowing them to avoid the main intersection altogether, and also helps those continuing to use the “traditional” northbound exit ramp because there are fewer cars cycling through that signal.

Q: Sometimes I can pass through a traffic light without any problem, and sometimes there is a long delay to get through the light. Will any of the work taking place in the area now help improve back-ups?

A: Yes. All of the projects taking place in the Fields-Ertel area have been designed to ease congestion, improve safety and expand access to business and shopping in the area.

Transportation planners have an interesting challenge in this area because during the work week there is a heavy traffic pattern that results from commuters traveling to and from work, but on the weekends there is another heavy traffic pattern that results from shoppers going to and from various retail and entertainment destinations. Our project team monitors all of this, and has recently made upgrades to 22 traffic signals in the area. Upgraded computer controllers within the traffic signals allow signal timing to be coordinated more effectively so that traffic can flow more easily.

Improvements to traffic signal timing will always be a work in progress. Storms that cause a loss of power in the area often throw off some of the adjustments that have been made to get traffic through signals faster. Following a storm, it may take some time to restore the signals back to their preferred settings.

If you notice an unusual delay at a traffic light, please contact us at [email protected], and let us know where you were and at what time of day your delay took place.

Q: What happened to the Park & Ride that was at the corner of Fields-Ertel and Mason-Montgomery Roads?

A: Effective December 16, 2013, the Park & Ride lot at the corner of Fields-Ertel and Mason-Montgomery Roads has been permanently closed. The Park & Ride has been relocated to the Meijer parking lot, located at 3911 Montgomery Road, just north of Fields-Ertel.

Q: I’ve heard about plans to improve the interchange at I-71 and Western Row Road; does that have any impact on the Fields Ertel area?

A: Yes. The improvements being made at Western Row are part of a coordinated regional program that includes infrastructure improvements in the Fields-Ertel and Mason-Montgomery Road interchange area, as well as SR 741.

Improving accessibility and congestion at Western Row will also help improve travel and congestion at the Fields-Ertel and SR 741 interchanges. In fact, studies indicate the Western Row Road improvements will reduce I-71 southbound off-ramp traffic at Fields-Ertel by 17 percent. In addition, northbound I-71 on-ramp traffic at Fields-Ertel is expected to decrease by 24 percent with the completion of improvements at Western Row.

More information on the work planned for that area can be found at