Western Row Road and I-71 Interchange Improvements

Construction Timing

Construction will begin in April of 2017. “Substantial completion” is anticipated by the end of 2018, with “total completion” by the summer of 2019.

To learn more about the Western Row Road and I-71 Interchange Improvements, please view the following video:

Traffic Impacts

We wanted to share with you the following statement that was released by our partners at the Ohio Department of Transportation:

February 22, 2017

In the next few weeks ODOT will begin a nearly $21 million project to convert the existing Interstate 71 and Western Row Road (I-71/WRR) interchange into a full interchange with new ramps and auxiliary lanes.

The first phase of this I-71/WRR project will begin on Monday, February 27. This work includes clearing trees and brush along I-71 shown in the photo included in this email. This clearing must be completed prior to April so as not to negatively impact the Indiana Bat. During this time there will also be various utility relocations.

Major construction on this two-year project will start in early May. Most of this work will occur at night between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. and will be very noisy. Also over the next two years various lane restrictions on I-71, Western Row Road and Kings Island Drive will be required. Media/traffic advisories will be distributed alerting the media and public of when these restrictions will be required.

If you would to like receive regular email updates regarding the I-71/WRR project please notify us via to have your email address included on our distribution listing. If you do not have computer access or have additional questions regarding the project please contact ODOT Communications Manager Brian Cunningham (513) 933-6517.

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Please share this information with others that may be impacted by this project. The video accessible via the following link provides a very good depiction of the project and how it will look when fully completed:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve safety and travel efficiency in this area.

Tammy Campbell
District 8 Deputy Director

Project Information

A full interchange with northbound on- and off-ramps, as well as southbound on- and off-ramps will be built at the I-71 & Western Row Road Interchange. Whereas currently there is only a partial interchange, with northbound exit ramp and a southbound on-ramp, at the completion of this project, there will be on- and off-ramps for both north and southbound traffic. Specifically, there will be a new southbound off-ramp and on-ramp connecting directly to Innovation Way, as well as two new northbound on-ramps from eastbound and westbound Western Row Road.

squaremap919Additionally, I-71 will be widened by one lane in each direction north and southbound between the new ramps at Western Row Road and the existing State Route 741 exit (Kings Mill Road, Exit #25).

Shared-use paths and pedestrian-friendly elements will be a part of the improvements being made at the Interchange.

Project Benefits

Western Row Road is a key access point along the I-71 business corridor, and is an important hub for economic development and job creation. This project will increase mobility, improve safety and expand access to business and recreational destinations in this area.

Significant planning and design work has also gone into pedestrian and bike paths that will be built – some new and some an expansion of existing paths.

The importance of improved connectivity in southwest Warren County and northeast Hamilton County cannot be overstated. With the work at the Fields-Ertel & Mason-Montgomery Road Interchange completed in 2015, studies indicate that the Western Row improvements will reduce I-71 southbound off-ramp traffic at Fields-Ertel by 17%. In addition, northbound I-71 on-ramp traffic at Fields-Ertel is expected to decrease by 24% with the completion of improvements at Western Row.

This coordinated regional program will support Warren County’s growing business and tourism economy.

Project Background & Informational Documents:

The 2005 Southwest Warren County Transportation Study identified the improvement of the Western Row Road interchange as a high-priority project.

Five conceptual alternatives were developed. The completion of the 2010 Conceptual Alternatives Study (CAS) recommended three alternatives (Alternatives 2, 4, and 5) be advanced for further study. Upon further consideration, Alternative 2 was eliminated due to the number of traffic signals and insufficient level of service on Western Row Road. A new alternative was created, Alternative 6, to undergo further study. Project planners held a public involvement meeting in the summer of 2013 and gathered public feedback on each alternative. Alternative 6 was advanced as the preferred alternative. The design process has begun, Phase 1 is fully funded and construction is planned to begin in 2016.  Phase 2 is fully funded, and construction will begin in 2017.


Recommended Preferred Alternative

Recommended Preferred Alternative (Alt 6) PDF (5.25 MB)

To read more about the process that was followed to develop the current recommended Preferred Alternative for the Western Row Road and I-71 Interchange Improvements project, please visit the Warren County Transportation Improvement District’s website:

3-D renderings

East of I-71
West of I-71

Click the image below to view the Western Row Road and I-71 Interchange Improvements Video (as presented during 2014 public involvement).