Mason Road Widening

Construction Timing:


Traffic Impacts:

Our work on Mason Road is COMPLETED, and Mason Road has reopened to traffic. You may notice work crews in the area as pavement markings and other final pieces of the project are completed, but no road closures are expected as a result of this work.

Project Information:

Mason Road was widened to three lanes from Whispering Springs Drive to Butler-Warren Road. New curb and gutter improvements were made along the entire section, and a new sidewalk was built on the north side of the road.

Project Benefits:

The construction of a third lane allowed for the addition of a center turn lane along this section of Mason Road. Center turn lanes help reduce conflict points for turning traffic and allow through traffic to move more smoothly. The widening work improves safety and eases congestion. Curb and gutter improvements not only add aesthetic value, but also allow for rainwater to drain more effectively from the roadway, while the new sidewalk provides safer pedestrian travel through this area.